On My New Years Resolutions (First Post!)

2016. Everyone says it’s been a horrible year. Not at all for me though. Honestly, it has been my best year yet (apart from Donald Trump, Brexit, and even more homework than in 2015). A new year is also a great time to set some goals for yourself and make a fresh start. So I thought I’d write down some highlights from 2016 and tell you my new years resolutions.

What I Achieved In 2016:

  • Baked my first lemon merengue cheesecake
  • Turned 14
  • Chose my subjects
  • Finished year 10
  • Cut my hair short!
  • Made loads of new friends
  • Went on a trip to Paris with my school
  • Got my first Bullet Journal
  • Started working as a tutor
  • Got my first analog camera (Pentax K1000)
  • Became a member of debating club
  • Travelled to Cuba
  • Got admitted to the honours programme
  • Started my sketchbook
  • Planned a trip to Sweden with friends
  • Visited my friend Yara in London
  • Got admitted to the selection choir
  • Handed in my first exam

And, of course, I started this blog. in fact, this is my first ever blog post. I’m going to try to upload every other day, so stay tuned! By the way, I just opened a bloglovin page, so you can keep updated on new posts. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

 My Resolutions For 2017:

My first goal is to spend my time more efficiently. I noticed I spend waay to much time not being able to concentrate (and on youtube). I want to get my schoolwork done so I’ll have more time for friends and family. I’m also going a selection choir within my choir next year, which will cost me a lot of time. School is getting busier and busier, so spending my time more effectively is a must. To achieve this I want to start bullet journalling (i’ll do a post about that in the future). I also want to start on my homework within half an hour of me coming home. And, I want to start using the Pomodoro technique .

My second resolution is to practise the arts more. I find that this really helps me relax and experiment. Besides that it will help me build a portfolio, which I might need for my studies. And old artwork is always fun to look back at and see your improvement. So, i’m going to work on my sketchbook every day, take more pictures, and write blog posts. My blog will also help me practise my English skills (I’m from the Netherlands)

And lastly i want to focus a bit more on my future. I’m now in year 11, a good year to start exploring my options and maybe start building a resume. Obviously i’ve got some time ahead, but I think it’s better to start early, as I haven’t got that much homework right now. Knowing what degree I want to get will help me a lot later on. So, i’m going to work more on my honours programme (again, a blog post will come), start building a portfolio and resumé, collect more information on degree choices, maybe go to an open day or two and maintain my grades.

I hope you all have a dazzling new years eve and great start of 2017. Please act responsibly with alcohol and fireworks!

X Anna


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