On Lazy Days

Finally, the holidays have started. But for me, I also get bored quite easily. What to do with all this free time? Obviously, you could spend all your time lying in bed and watching Netflix. I myself have noticed: the less time I spend on my phone, the happier I am. So, here I’ve listed some fun things to do when you’re bored.

1. Make a Memory Jar

This one is specifically for the new year, but you could start one whenever you want. The idea is, you fill a pot or jar with al little note every day. One year later, you take out all the notes and read them. What you write on the notes is completely up to yourself. I personally like writing a short memory and something I’m grateful for. You could also write a goal, a message to yourself, a mini-journal, the dream you had last night, or something completely different. These jars will help you remember the little things in life and are really fun to open.

2. Bake Something

Baking! One of my favourite things to do on a lazy day. Whether it’s a pie, a cake, cookies, … I love it all! For all the duchies out here, I recommend Laura’s Bakery. Her recipes are absolutely amazing, easy, and work really well. Also fun: invite your friend/mom/dad/brother/sister to join!

3. Go Sightseeing

No, you don’t need to travel abroad to go sightseeing. Either you could look around in your own city, or you can take the train and visit a nearby city. If you live in Amsterdam (or are visiting) I suggest you visit the hofjes, little courtyards in Amsterdam surrounded by apartments. Most of them were built in the 17th century, and have a entrance on the canals. They have beautiful, well maintained gardens and are a real must-see for people in Amsterdam. For more info, visit the iamsterdam website. I visited the hofjes myself with some friends last summer, and we had a lot of fun.

4. Play a Board Game

It might be a bit old-fashioned, but I really love board games! Invite friends or family, get a cup of tea and have some quality time together. My personal favourites are Cluedo and Machiavelli.

5. Pick up a New Hobby

When you have plenty of time, I really love taking the time and having some fun drawing, taking photographs, writing, singing, or just reading a book on art history or politics (I’m a total nerd, I know) This is really an activity that will be beneficial, because you might just find your passion!

6. Prepare for your Classes

So this might not be the most enjoyable way to spend time, but it will really help you out in the future. Most people have those really difficult classes (That would be Chemistry for me) that they really have to work hard for. Especially after long holidays, it can be tricky to catch up. So, I suggest reading in on those challenging subjects while on break, it wil save your life later on.

  1. Catch up With an Old Friend or Family Member

We all have those friends we really like, but don’t get to see that often. While you both have time, why not call them? It won’t cost you too much time and could be really rewarding. If you feel it might become slightly awkward, you could meet at a coffee bar or park, where the background noises will fill up the silences, and you can decide to leave at any time.

What are you plans during break? Leave a comment!

X Anna





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