On My Trip to Haarlem

On Thursday, my mom and I felt we should have some time together and go outside. So, we took the train to Haarlem, a small town in the Netherlands located very near Amsterdam. We did some shopping, visited a museum and had some lovely hot chocolate. Today, I’m telling you about our adventures in this beautiful town. I’ll also be doing a mini shoplog.


When we arrived we headed to the city center first and did somehaarlem2 shopping on the way.     As it was freezing outside, we then headed to the chocolate company to get some hot drinks. I had one of those chocolates on a stick, that you’re supposed  to dip in hot milk. But they used a cinnamon stick instead of a plain wooden one. We also had some chocolates with our drinks. I absolutely recommend going to the chocolate company if you visit Haarlem, they had delicious chocolatey goods.

After our hot chocolate, we walked on toward the Grote Markt (Big Market), the beautiful central square of Haarlem.  There, we walked on into the main shopping street. We noticed it was way nicer than our shopping street, the Kalverstraat. We decided after some shopping it was time for lunch. I had a lovely chicken sandwich at Hofje Zonder Zorgen, a restaurant located near a lovely square with a well-maintained garden.

After lunch, we headed towards the Frans Hals museum, named after a very well-known golden age painter. We didn’t have time to see the Frans Hals collection, but we did visit some beautiful works by other Dutch painters. I particularly enjoyed this painting by Pieter Bruegel, which had loads of Dutch sayings in the image. After our museum trip it was getting dark outside, so we headed towards the station and took a train back home .


What I Bought

First, we visited Sissy Boy. I bought this black-and-white t-shirt and a really pretty notebook, which I might use for Blog Planning. In the picture, the t-shirt is pared with my urban outfitters ‘penn’ jeans.



We then went to the Body Shop. Quite some time ago, I had actually received a Body Shop gift box, containing a vitamin e moisturizer, a camomile makeup remover and some other stuff. I loved the moisturizer and the makeup remover so much that I finished them. So, I repurchased both. I did get the waterproof version of the makeup remover though, as I was interested to see the difference. On the right you can see the waterproof version works much better. I swatched my Kiko double touch lipstick (115) and let it fully dry. Then, I tried to take it off. The swatch up top has been wiped three times with the non-waterproof makeup remover, the second one was wiped with the waterproof version.  I also saw that my favourite body shop scent (English Gardenia) was being discontinued soon. It was 50% of, so I got the shower gel.



img_6875After the museum, I made one final visit to Lush to pick up a pot of lemony flutter, which I had been wanting for some time. If you didn’t know, lemony flutter is a quite popular lemon-scented cuticle cream. The product is incredibly moisturizing and can also be used on dry elbows, knees, and much more. i absolutely love it! It works really well and smells soo nice. I don’t usually go to lush, as I really don’t like bathing, but this product is really worth it. It is quite expensive, but it’ll last you very long.

So, what are your favourite lush products? Leave a comment!

X Anna


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