On My Handwriting

So, obviously, I’ve been gone for some time. Blogging on a schedule is really though for me, so I think I’ll just try to blog as often as possible. Anyway. Today we’re talking about my handwriting. This was actually an assignment I wrote for my Dutch lass, but I thought I’d translate it (and edit it) for you as it might be a fun read. Enjoy!

My handwriting. Usually it’s messy and asymmetrical. The crooked o’s, a’s and e’s dance across the paper. They’re not perfect, but they don’t care. They’ll do. Sometimes, I decide to write quite beautifully. Obviously, it looks way nicer, and might leave a better impression on other people. But, to be honest, my horrendous-style handwriting suits me better.

Admittedly, I am also slightly more proud of my more ‘tamed’ letters. The cursive s’es a t’s make me seem almost professional. My g has hand tailored suits in an array of colours. When he arrives in his huge villa after work, his wife is waiting for him with a steaming pan of mash. He then proceeds to sit down with his two beautiful children. At seven o’clock the children go to bed. One hour and fifteen minutes later g also goes to bed. When I decide to write in cursive, I might just be trying to pretend I’ve got my stuff together like my g. That’s not really true though.

My trashy i is single and lives in a flat in Amsterdam. Every Friday he goes to the club and gets drunk. He lives off hamburgers and fries. As soon as he gets home, he orders a pizza and goes to bed. But secretly he has exactly the same job as g. He hasn’t got his stuff together, but he has a job and does quite well.

It works that way with me too. I can choose to write in cursive or write messily, but I’ll still get the same grades. Although I love making thing look pretty, sometimes I have to choose function over fashion. My handwriting doesn’t always have to look perfect. And, to be honest, I like it that way. It has a certain character to it.

X Anna


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