On my January Bullet Journal

Finally January’s over. I really cannot wait for spring! What better way to end the month then by showing you my bullet journal setup for January. This was actually my first month bullet journalling, so my basic bullet journal setup will be coming soon.

Ah, the monthly spread. A basic bullet journal page. On the left-hand side, I had my big events and tests for the month in a mini calendar. On the right page, I had a habit tracker. This month I tracked mainly school stuff, but I want to focus more on other categories in February.


Next up comes my blog page. I’m slightly obsessed with all the different countries my viewers come from, so I actually tracked that. Every time I see a new nationality in my stats page, it makes me really happy:) On the right page, I wrote down some ideas for posts and a little blog to do list.


Then I had three weekly spreads. The first two weeks of January were during vacation, so there was no need for me to bullet journal. I really like doing my weekly’s with a simple to-do list format. The first weekly I kept really simple, a little boring in my opinion. The second week I filled in the little flags after every completed day, which gave me loads of satisfaction. The third week is really messy. I did use the flags (at the top left) but this time I filled in the little   flags depending on my mood, instead of just a colour scheme. As you can see the writing on my weekly’s is really vibrant, that’s because I use a colour coding system.
So, what planning method do you like to use? Leave a comment!

X Anna


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