On My Skin-, Hair- and Bodycare Routine

Back again with a new blog post! Today I’m telling you about my favourite products for my skin, body and hair. Especially now it’s winter I use them a lot, as my skin gets really dry when it’s cold out.


I have combination skin with freckles (yayy) and some teenage acne. I don’t wear too much face makeup. For my skin, I use an antibiotic, which I got by prescription, my favourite moisturizer by the body shop (bought it in Haarlem) and my favourite face scrub. Make it by mixing olive oil, honey and sugar. I also love to use face masks occasionally, like this one by 7th Heaven.


My shampoo is the guhl anti oil shampoo. It’s not super great or anything, but it’s budget proof and cruelty free. For salt spray (very useful with my short hair) I use the etos one, which I honestly really love, and I use the aussie volume dry shampoo.


I love the bodyshop for my body products. They really work for my skin and they smell nice. I don’t like the fruit scents though. My favourite shower gells are green tea and English gardenia. For body butters, I love the shea one. I also use the morninga scrub.

Which products do you use? Leave a comment!

X Anna


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