On bullet Journalling

This year, I decided to start getting my life together (at least a bit). So, I got a leuchtturm notebook for Christmas, and started a bullet journal. Most of my friends have no idea what a bullet journal is, and neither did I before November last year. So, today I’ll tell you about the bullet journaling system with a few commonly asked questions.

What is a bullet journal and why is it so useful?

Bullet journaling is a flexible planning system, you basically make your own agenda. You can add in all the pages that seem useful to you, and leave out the ones you don’t like. You could make yours with a to do list format, or more like a calendar. Or both. You choose.

How do I start?

The only things you need are a notebook and a pen. bjfrontYou could also use washi tape, colored pens, pencils and stickers. I personally recommend the leuchtturm 1917 notebooks. They have an index, and come in dotted, which is really useful. A bullet journal doesn’t have to be pretty, the only thing that’s important is that it’s functional. You could make it pretty though, if you enjoy doing that.

How do you use the bullet journaling system?

I use a to do list format, combined with monthly calendars and some random pages. I still use an agenda alongside my bullet journal. I find my bullet journal is more focused on tasks, while my agenda contains mostly deadlines.

I really like the color coding system. School-bjkeyrelated stuff are blue, work is green, appointments are red and so on. For tasks, I use a box. I color it in if it’s done, cross it out when it’s cancelled and put in an arrow when it’s delayed. All the signs and colours I like to use are in the key. After my key comes the index, and then a yearly calendar (which comes in very handy while doing my monthly spreads). On the other page I have my New Years resolutions. Per month, I do a calendar with some important events and deadlines, and on the other page a bjyearlyhabit tracker. With a habit tracker, you track your habits (surprise surprise). I choose out different habits I want to keep up with every month (like doing my skincare, meeting up with friends…) and fill out every day if I did it. After the general page come the weekly spreads, I fill those with to do lists for every day.

Have you tried bullet journaling? Did you like it? Leave a comment!


X Anna


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