On where I’ve been

I know, I’ve been an absolutely horrible blogger lately. So, I thought I’d write a little explanation why I’ve been gone. An actual blog post will be coming soon as well!

So first of all, my school was really busy. I had two science tests last week. I had missed one before, so I had to take it last week. Luckily, they both went quite well. I also started a project on Hitchcock in my film class, which I’m really passionate about. And I went on a schooltrip to Ypres, which was overwhelming for me, we saw so many graves in one day.

I also was very busy with the rehearsals and performances of my opera, Wozzeck. Tomorrow is the last performance, and I’m sad it’s already finished. Although, I will be much less busy.

I’ve been loving making art lately. My favourite medium is currently watercolour, although I’m exited to try out gouache soon. I also adore shooting with my analog camera.

By the way, I have been active on instagram! I like how little time it costs to post, so I do that quite often. My username is @anna.behrens, if you were wondering. Hope to see you there!

So, I’m exited to be back! How has your life been?

X Anna



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