On My March Bullet Journal

I was writing a new blog post, when I realised I hadn’t done my March bullet Journal yet! So, I’m back showing you my bullet journal spreads from last month and talking you through my changes. Enjoy!


As you may know, I have monthly ‘themes’ for my bullet journal. I like to practise specifically drawing one thing, it really improves my skills. This month, my theme was birds. I wasn’t too creative with the theme, as I had little time because of the opera. So, I ended up drawing mostly bird silhouettes. Oh well. My monthly spread was the only spread this month that had colour coding. I love this spread, except for the vibrant writing. So happy I ditched that.

BJMarch1.pngHere’s my habit tracker for april. If you don’t know what a habit tracker is, you should check out my post on the bullet journalling system, which will probably help you out. And yes, I am aware I misspelled the word tracker. Oops! This tracker is quite long, it has a lot of habits to track. In April, I drastically shortened te list, which I definitely prefer.


These where my weekly spreads. I absolutely love the first one. The origami birds look really good, and I like the little time-lines, they really help me do my planning. I used something similar for my second spread. I think it looks pretty boring, but I like the lay-out. I messed up my third spread, so i sticked on some paper and continued. And n the end, I don’t mind how it turned out! My last spread is pretty bland, but I think it looks good!



  • Hema fineliner pens in black
  • Hema markers in gray and purple
  • Tombow dual bush pens in periwinkle (553) and purple (623)
  • Stabilo fineliners (0.4) in shades 36, 58, 56, 41
  • Talens tube watercolours in 334, 504, 602, 535
  • Itoya double-sided calligraphy pen

By the way, I’ve been thinking about writing monthly favourite posts. Would you like to see those? Leave a comment!

X Anna


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