On Donation

Today, I’d like to touch a different subject than normal. I’m going to talk to you about my views on organ donation, if I’m a registered donor, and where to register yourself.

In the Netherlands, the current policy is basically a no- except… system. Unless you register as an organ donor, your organs won’t be donated after your death. From the age of twelve you can register yourself for organ donation with permission from your parents, and when you turn 16 you can become a donor without permission. When you register for donation, you can choose which organs you’d like to donate.

Once you turn 18, you can also become a living donor for blood, liver parts, a kidney and/or stem cells.

There is a law under consideration that would change the system. Instead of no- except… the regulations will become yes- except… When you turn 18, you’ll receive two letters inviting you to register your preferences when it comes to organ donation. If you don’t respond, your organs could be donated after your death, unless your family disagrees.

I personally agree with the new law. I believe changing the policy will normalise donating your organs and save lives. I myself am a registered donor for all possible organs since the day I turned 12. I’m so happy my organs can save other people’s lives, as I won’t be using after my death them anyway. I’m planning to donate my kidney, liver, blood and/or stem cells once I’m 18.

In the Netherlands, around 1000 people are waiting for a new organ. The age group 12-24 has the smallest percentage of organ donors (around 18%),  but an average approval rate for becoming a donor (48%). So, most 12 to 24-year-olds want to become a donor, but aren’t registered yet. And that’s why I decided to write this post. Even if you don’t want to donate (all) your organs, you should still register. It’s so easy.  To become a kidney donor while you’re alive, you should ask your doctor. I listed the links for blood, stem cells and organs in the Netherlands, UK and US down below.

Are you a donor? Would you like to be one? Leave a comment!

X Anna





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