On my April bullet journal

April went by SO FAST. I had a great mont though, travelling to Israel and completing the opera performances. Today I’ll be showing you my bullet journal spreads for last month. If you’d like to learn more about bullet journalling, you could read my other updates or my general post on the subject.


I’ve noticed I’ve had a kind of theme each month, so I decided to continue the themes. For April, my theme was plants. I started the month off with a monthly spread with some pastel palm leaves on it. I really like the look of this one, and the habit tracker I used for this month (splitting habit, mood and social media) turned out really useful. I ended up just copying this spread for May, because I liked it so much!

BJMarch1My first weekly spread was this peach-coloured spread with some palm leaves. I took some inspiration from ink by Jeng on instagram. I really like the look of this spread! This was also my first ever pre-made spread, which means I already set out the writing space for each day. I really liked the way it made my spread look, and it ended up costing me much less time throughout the week!

BJMarch2In week 2 I went really simple. I also pre-planned this spread (by adding the days in advance) and decided to not add in too many decorative elements. I visited friends in England in the weekend, so I left Saturday and Sunday empty. In the end, I did draw a little cactus terrarium because I was really exited to use my new copper metallic sharpie. I’m very happy with this one and I’ll probably re-use this set-up in the future!

BJMarch3Here’s my last spread for April. I decided to try drawing a box for each day. I ended up messing the boxes (look a little closer, and you’ll see the Saturday box has a weird slanted side, and the Tuesday box is much larger than the Wednesday one). The boxes also were quite limiting to me, as there was too little horizontal space. But, I do like the palm leaves and the little event space at the top of the left page.


  • Hema fineliner – black
  • Tombow dual brush pen – 243 (mint green)
  • Itoya calligraphy pen – black
  • Stabilo boss pastel highliter in peach/orange shade
  • Crayola supertip markers – 50 pack
  • Metallic sharpie – copper

As I mentioned previously, I really like doing my spreads in advance. I’ll take some time on a Sunday afternoon with a large cup of tea and do the spread. It really helps me relax and be less stressed about the coming week. So, how was your month? Leave a comment!

X Anna


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